Polydadmac viscosity

Polydadmac viscosity

Polydadmac viscosity

Polydadmac viscosity, can reach quite higher centipoises with concentrated PolyDADMAC. Concentrations in active material are between 8% and 70% (except for the polyDADMAC beads are 100% active) with common concentrations between 40% and 50%.


Poly DADMAC is a cationic linear polymer, which can be completely dissolved in water. Polymers contain strong cationic groups and active adsorption groups. The suspended particles and water-soluble substances containing negative charges in water can be destabilized and flocculated by neutralization and bridging. Poly DADMAC has remarkable effects in decolorization, sterilization and removal of organic substances.

Polydadmac is an organic polymer, has a wide range of uses as we all known, as followings, 

Used as cationic coagulant in wastewater treatment (for decolorization, flocculation and purification in water treatment process), mining and mineral processing. 

In textile industry, used as formaldehyde free fixing agent (dyeing and finishing auxiliaries), it's an excellent aldehyde-free fixing agent to form film on fabrics and improve dyeing firmness. 

In papermaking process, it is used as anionic trash catcher and AKD ripening accelerator.

Used as clay stabilizer for drilling and cationic modifier for acid fracturing in water injection in oilfield industry. 

In addition, it is also used as regulator, antistatic agent, humidifier, shampoo and skin care emollient.


Organic coagulants like polydadmacs are used alone or in conjunction with metallic aluminum coagulants like ACH, Alum to enhance performance as well as to meet stringent environmental guidelines. Polydadmacs provide wider spectrum of impurity removal where conventional metallic coagulants may struggle.


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