Polydadmac manufacturers need improving ···

Polydadmac manufacturers need improving  technologies to a higher level

Polydadmac manufacturers need improving technologies to a higher level

Polydadmac manufacturers are only a few in the market, as the production technology is controlled by some major producers, but it is obviously need to innovated the processing technique to produce more stable or higher quality polyDADMAC.

The monomer DADMAC is formed by reacting two equivalents of allyl chloride with dimethylamine.
PolyDADMAC is then synthesized by radical polymerization of DADMAC with an organic peroxide used as a catalyst.
Two polymeric structures are possible when polymerizing DADMAC: N-substituted piperidine structure or N-substituted pyrrolidine structure.
The pyrrolidine structure is favored.

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Poly DADMAC polymer is used to supplement liquid alum in the coagulation process and its use is essential in ensuring that the stringent water quality standards are met.
With the addition of Poly DADMAC polymer, alum and caustic soda usage has dropped and the production of sludge has been reduced.

Poly DADMAC is used as flocculant in water purification.
It is very effective in flocculating, decoloring, killing algae and removing organics such as humus.
Little is needed to produce large flocs, rapid precipitation and low turbidity residue.

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