Papermaking amphoteric dry strength agen···

Papermaking amphoteric dry strength agent

Papermaking amphoteric dry strength agent

Product instruction

This product is amphoteric polymer, appearance is colorless to slightly turbid viscose, greatly enhance the strength of the paper, and good retention performance, reduce Whitewater COD and raw material costs. Adaptability is very well in different pH papermaking system, broader application. Anionic and cationic degrees of product are adjustable, can be used in all kinds of papermaking environment and to produce various kinds of paper.


Please customers choose products according to the actual situation, and targeted.

AC4-1: Medium ionicity and molecular weight, cheap.

AC4-2: Medium ionicity and molecular weight, suitable for general conditions of making paper. Widely applicable to enhance various types of paper and cardboard in papermaking progress.

AC4-3: Higher cationic degree, adapts to neutral system in which less aluminum sulfate and higher pH, and in the potential and have higher retention and drainage function.

AC4-4: Medium ionic degree, high molecular weight, high-enhancing effects and balanced retention, less bubble, adapts to papermaking machine which is high-speed, high-temperature and closed cycle.

AC4-5: Lower ionic degree, but higher molecular weight, so it can increase the intensity, adapts to papermaking machine which is high-speed, high-temperature, entire closed cycle and higher intensity.

AC4-6: Medium ionic degree and molecular weight, wide scope of application, suitable for a wide pH range.

AC4-7: Higher retention, high temperature and high-conductivity, demand for high-intensity papermaking progress.


Package & Storage

Packed in PE Drum.

Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.

The term of validity: Two years.

Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


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