AKD sizing promoter

AKD sizing promoter

AKD sizing promoter

Product introduction

Used in AKD neutral-alkaline sizing system, greatly limiting the AKD hydrolysis and migration tendencies. The "third generation" AKD mainly used to precipitate calcium carbonate loading multi-purpose photocopy paper. After the paper containing cationic polymer is reused, 60% of the cationic polymer still is adsorpted in the fibre,the paper can have good water increasing function.


Before using, a test with small quantity should be done, in order to confirm the correct method and dosage.The most economical dosage is based on the trial.

Reference dosage: adding 20 Kg this product into 1 ton of fresh 15% AKD emulsion, this is for reference only, the final dosage is depending on the trial.


Packed in PE Drum.


Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.

The term of validity: Two years.

Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.

Keywords: AKD sizing promoter, ripening accelerator, polydadmac

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