Color fix resin for paper Coating

Color fix resin for paper Coating

Color fix resin for paper Coating

Product introduction
It's designed for receivable coating formulation for ink jet paper. It will provide ink jet paper a high degree of waterfastness and colorfastness. It demonstrates excellent stability in acidic and alkali conditions.

Ionic Characteristic: Cationic

Solid Content: 40%. 60%

Solubility: Dispersible in water


Standard Formulation
Formulation of receivable coating for matte-type ink jet paper

Component Concentration
Polyvinyl Alcohol solution, Color fix resin and water

Package & Storage
Packed in PE Drum.
Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.

The term of validity: Two years.

Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


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