PolyDADMAC use with other chemicals

PolyDADMAC use with other chemicals

PolyDADMAC use with other chemicals

PolyDADMAC is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte, Abbreviation is PDADMAC or Polydadmac.


It can be used at water treatment and as the industry additives.


The pdadmac/polydadmac shall be diluted in 0.5%-5%.

Add the product into every kinds of untreated raw water or wastewater, stirring, precipitation, filtration.

It can also be compounded with poly aluminum chloride (PAC) for various water treatment.
It is necessary to carefully select the dosing place and stirring speed to ensure that it is mixed evenly with the material and avoid the flocculation breaking.


Poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride) (polyDADMAC) assisted cellulase pretreatment for microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) preparation and MFC analysis
Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) preparation was investigated by means of cellulase pretreatment aided by poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride) (polyDADMAC) as an additive.

The effect of polyDADMAC on the adsorption of cellulase onto the cellulose fibers, and the properties of MFC and MFC films are described.

The additive improved the adsorption of cellulase onto cellulose fibers.
Compared to the control, at an addition level of polyDADMAC of 0.789 ml g−1, the crystallinity, aspect ratio, the specific surface area of MFC and, the elongation at break and tensile strength of MFC films are increased, while the oxygen permeability coefficient of the MFC films is decreased.

The optimal conditions for preparation of MFC by cellulase pretreatment were: pulp consistency 10%, cellulase dosage 10 µ g−1, pretreatment time 16 h and 0.789 ml g−1 polyDADMAC.
In summary, polyDADMAC-assisted cellulase pretreatment enhances the efficiency of the cellulase pretreatment of cellulose fibers and improves the performance of MFC and the MFC films.



Keywords: polydadmac, polydadmac sds



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