PolyDADMAC History and structure

PolyDADMAC History and structure

PolyDADMAC History and structure

Polymers similar to PolyDADMAC were first produced and investigated in 1957,by Professor George Butler at the University of Florida.

And it was noticeable that the resulting products were very soluble in water. This was in contrast to all other plastics known at the time , which were made from a polyunsaturated monomer such as 1,3-butadiene. These polymers, such as synthetic rubber, tend to form three-dimensional, cross-linked structures, which are the cause of their insolubility in water. The polyDADMAC monomer diallyldimethylammonium chloride, however, initially forms an intramolecular intermediate which contains a pyrrolidine five-membered ring and only then polymerizes. This structure was proven in 2002 by NMR spectroscopic studies.


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