PolyDADMAC is the abbreviation for polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride. This chemical compound is an organic polymer . It is mainly used in paper manufacture to fix contaminants in order to reversibly bind anionic contaminants to the also negatively charged cellulose fiber due to its cationic character.


Poly DADMAC is a cationic linear polymer, which can be completely dissolved in water. Polymers contain strong cationic groups and active adsorption groups. The suspended particles and water-soluble substances containing negative charges in water can be destabilized and flocculated by neutralization and bridging. Poly DADMAC has remarkable effects in decolorization, sterilization and removal of organic substances.

Poly DADMAC can be used for decolorization, flocculation and purification in water treatment process. In textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, it can be used as an excellent aldehyde-free fixing agent to form film on fabrics and improve dyeing firmness. In the paper industry, it is often used to improve the hanging rate of pulp and promote the ripening of pulp.

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