POLYDADMAC - what is Polydadmac

POLYDADMAC - what is Polydadmac

POLYDADMAC - what is Polydadmac

What is a PolyDADMAC

Poly DADMAC is a cationic linear polymer, which can be completely dissolved in water. Polymers contain strong cationic groups and active adsorption groups. The suspended particles and water-soluble substances containing negative charges in water can be destabilized and flocculated by neutralization and bridging. Poly DADMAC has remarkable effects in decolorization, sterilization and removal of organic substances.

Application property:
1. During wastewater treatment, mining and mineral processing, this chemical can be used as cation coagulant.
2.  In textile industry, it can be used as formaldehyde-free fixing agent.
3. During papermaking, it can be used as anionic trash catcher and AKD curing accelerator.
4. In oil field industry, it can be used as clay stabilizer in well drilling and acid fracturing cation modifier in water injection,etc.


Recommended dosage:
Before using, dilute it to 10-40 times and add 2-10kg prepared water solution in printing and dyeing wasterwater with PH value of 7-10.

125kg/200kg per PE Drum or IBC.

Please Contact: Mr. TIAN ZH, If you are interested in this product.

E-mail: tian@chem.net

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