PolyAluminium Chloride - PAC Usage and p···

PolyAluminium Chloride - PAC Usage and performance

PolyAluminium Chloride - PAC Usage and performance

Polyaluminium chloride is a kind of inorganic coagulant, which is widely used in our daily water treatment. Generally, it works better when combined with organic flocculant PAM.


This product is used for the purification of tap water, domestic sewage and all kinds of industrial wastewater, such as papermaking, food, medicine and other industries.

Usage and cautions:

1. Solid products should be dissolved into 10%-30% solution first, and then dilute to the wastwater.

2. The best pH value of the wastewater to be treated is 3.5-5.0, which can gives full play to the maximum benefit of coagulation. Generally, 0.5-2.0kg (5-20ppm) solid PAC is added to 100 tons of sewage, subject to the water quality and turbidity degree, higher turbidity will increase the dosage. The specific dosage should be determined according to the actual experiments of end users. 

3. Do not store with chemical reagents. 

4. Store in a ventilated and dry place with the storage period of 2 years. The effectiveness of solid products will not be affected by slight damp.

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