Dadmac polymer (PolyDADMAC)

Dadmac polymer (PolyDADMAC)

Dadmac polymer (PolyDADMAC)

PolyDADMAC (Dadmac polymer) is the most commonlly used organic coagulants in water treatment. Coagulants neutralise the nagative electrical charge on particles, which destablises the forces keeping colloids apart. In water treatment, coagulation occurs when a coagulant is added to water to "destablize" colloidal suspensions. This product (Technically named Polydimethyl-Dially-Ammonium Chloride) is cationic polymer and it can be completely dissolved in water.

What can polydadmacs be used in conjunction with ?

Organic coagulants like polydadmacs are used alone or in conjunction with metallic aluminum coagulants like ACH, Alum to enhance performance as well as to meet stringent environmental guidelines. Polydadmacs provide wider spectrum of impurity removal where conventional metallic coagulants may struggle.

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