The performance and storage method of po···

The performance and storage method of polyaluminum chloride

The performance and storage method of polyaluminum chloride

  The performance and storage method of polyaluminum chloride in actual use.

  Polyaluminum chloride has better adsorption and coagulation effects in actual use. Favored by the majority of users, polyaluminum chloride has the advantages of good purification effect and low cost compared with the older generation of water purification materials, and has become the leader in the water purification industry.

   Polyaluminum chloride is divided into 3 stages in the process of sewage reaction: coagulation, flocculation, and precipitation. The coagulation stage is to make the medicament and sewage violently collide, so as to better allow the medicament to contact the sewage.

   The flocculation stage is the reaction between the chemical and the organic and inorganic substances in the sewage. It is the process of the alum bloom becoming larger and denser. At this time, the residence time is required to be about 15 minutes, and then observe the change process of the alum bloom.

  The sedimentation stage is the process of sedimentation of the sewage in the sedimentation tank or sewage storage tank. At this time, the formed alum will quickly sink to achieve the effect of water slag separation.

   A little common sense of polyaluminum chloride storage:

  1 The validity period of polyaluminum chloride is 2 years. It can be used when it is damp. The agglomeration needs to be broken during use, otherwise it will affect the dissolution effect.

   2 Polyaluminum chloride should be diluted with pure water or tap water when in use, and the dissolution equipment should be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

  3 Polyaluminum chloride should be stored in a dry, moisture-proof, and dark place.

  Be sure to consult the polyaluminum chloride manufacturer when using it, and take precautions when using it to avoid unnecessary losses to yourself.




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