Spray Drying PAC

Spray Drying PAC

Spray Drying PAC

Spray Drying PAC

Product Name: Polyaluminium Chloride (Poly Aluminum Chloirde, Polyaluminum Chloride, Poly Aluminium Chloirde, Aluminum Polychride, PAC )
CAS No.: 1327-41-9
Appearance: White and yellow powder
Description: Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) is a new type high efficiency inorganic polymer coagulant, adopting advanced manufacturing technique and quality raw material, show the features of low impurity, high molecula weight, and superior coagulating effect.

We are dedicated in providing the finest quality Spray Drying Polyaluminium Chloride PAC. At well equipped processing unit, the offered chemical is formulated under the supervision of our ingenious professionals. This chemical is used in in-line coagulation and ultra-filtration process to treat waste water in industrial places. Furthermore, clients can get the provided Spray Drying Poly aluminium Chloride PAC from us at reasonable rates.


Enhanced shelf life
Precise composition
High purity
Good water solubility

We produces different greades of Polyaluminum Chlorides (PAC) in powder and liquid forms. The highly charged Al in the products is optimized for best performance for the different basicities of PAC.  The low to medium basicity products are effective coagulants for treatment of both drinking water and waste water. And the medium to high basicity products are excellent for all ranges of wastewater treatment.


Its dosage lower than aluminum sulfate (based on Al2O3) and water treatment cost is lower than other inorganic flocculants.

PAC can cause quick formation of flocs, big flocs formation and rapid precipitation. Its treatment capacity is 1.3-3.0 times of other inorganic flocculants.

PAC enjoys wide-range adaptability for different-temperature source water and a good solubility.

PAC is slightly corrosive and easy for operation.

The liquid PAC is suitable for automatic dosing. Furthermore, it will not block pipes over long-time usage.

Application Fields: 

Purifying drinking water, sewage.

Industrial water purification, industrial wastewater, mining, oil field injection water, metallurgy, coal washing, leather and all kinds of chemical waste water treatment.

Industrial production: Paper sizing, dye printing, bleaching and dyeing, medicine and other industries.

In artificial coal industry, it is used for separating coal and water with excellent effect.   In the oil refining industry, for oil and water separation.

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