Aluminium and iron salts applications In···


Aluminium and iron salts applications In addition to inorganic coagulants

Aluminium and iron salts application fields as inorganic coagulants, are

Drinking water
Coagulants are widely used to purify drinking water and clean municipal wastewater.

Waste Water
Waste water is any water which has been used in an industrial process or household. This includes water used in the treatment of sewage or storm water.

Paper industry
In the paper industry they are used in the sizing and retention parts of the papermaking process.

Industrial Uses
Coagulants also have an important role in the treatment of industrial water.

In addition to their role as inorganic coagulants, aluminium and iron salts are used to:

Accelerate the setting time of concrete (aluminium salts)
Add vital nutrients to animal feed compounds (iron salts)
Create pigments used in the paint and cosmetics industries (iron salts)
Effectively treat anaemia in human beings (iron salts)
Fill fire extinguishers (aluminium salts)
Fix colours on textiles (aluminium salts)
Manufacture cosmetics and anti-perspirants (polyaluminum chlorides)
Produce zeolites used as commercial adsorbents (aluminium salts)

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