World Water Day - WaterTreatment

World Water Day - WaterTreatment

World Water Day - WaterTreatment

World Water Day (22nd March) - Significance of water treatment to water resources protection.

The purpose of World Water Day is to arouse the public awareness of water conservation and strengthen the protection of water resources. In order to meet the needs of people in daily life, commerce and agriculture for water resources, the United Nations has long been committed to solving the global water crisis caused by the rising demand for water resources. The UN water conference, held in 1977, issued a serious warning to the world that water will soon become a profound social crisis, and the next crisis after the oil crisis is water. On 18 January 1993, the forty seventh United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to determine that March 22 of each year is "World Water Day". On March 22, 2020, 12314 supervision and reporting service platform of Ministry of water resources officially went online.

The United Nations has determined that the theme of "World Water Day" in 2021 is "cherish water and cherish water". The theme of China's commemoration is "to implement the new development concept and promote the intensive and safe use of water resources".

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