Polydadmac MSDS, TDS, COA is available o···

Polydadmac MSDS, TDS, COA is available on your need

Polydadmac MSDS, TDS, COA is available on your need

Polydadmac MSDS, TDS, COA is available, for more details please feel free to contact us through email listed below.

What is PolyDADMAC

Poly DADMAC is a cationic linear polymer, which can be completely dissolved in water. Polymers contain strong cationic groups and active adsorption groups. The suspended particles and water-soluble substances containing negative charges in water can be destabilized and flocculated by neutralization and bridging. Poly DADMAC has remarkable effects in decolorization, sterilization and removal of organic substances.

What does Polydadmac features... ?

Key Features and Benefits
High performance cationic coagulant polymer based on PolyDADMAC developed for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering applications
Reduces required doses of basic reagents used in coagulation process
Effective in precipitating anionic surfactants
Minimizes sludge
Improves sludge dewatering stages and results in improved effluent output
Highly effective when used for the secondary decantation of biological sludge coming from aerobic and anaerobic digesters
Enhances rapid sludge settling
Sympathetic to the existing biological flora
Effective across a wide range of pH



Please Contact: Mr. TIAN ZH, If you are interested in this product.

E-mail: tian@chem.net



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