super absorbent polymer powder

super absorbent polymer powder

super absorbent polymer powder

Super Absorbent Polymer Powder

The super absorbent polymer powder is a new type of functional polymer material. It has a high water absorption function that absorbs water hundreds to thousands of times heavier than itself and has excellent water retention performance. Once the water absorption swells into a hydrogel, it is difficult to separate water even under pressure. Therefore it is widely used in the industry and construction area.
This water absorbing powder for industry can be made to be gaskets, sealing strips with its water swelling characteristics, effectively improving its good elasticity and mechanical strength of products such as industrial rubber products.It can be used in the coating strips for industrial and submarine cables with its absorption capacity, strong absorption strength, playing a water-blocking role, which can improve the safety of cables and extend the service life, and avoid reliability reduction due to damp of the cable. The swelling property of the super absorbent polymer powder can be used to protect the power and communication cables from water.

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