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Concrete admixtures, Construction field polymers

Concrete admixtures, Construction field polymers

Our products are designed to be used as the concrete additives, cement additives, grouts, adhesives, coatings, and concrete additives for waterproofing in the construction industry. Our supply package includes polyacrylamide, superabsorbent, sodium polyacrylate.

Currently modern manufacturing process and concrete production uses many different additives to improve its properties. Polyacrylamide and superabsorbent gives good performance when using as concrete admixtures, cement additives, concrete additives for curing, concrete additives for cold weather, and concrete additives for waterproofing.

Concrete additives for curing
By adding concrete additives, setting time, heat of hydration, compressive and tensile strength of the concrete all give better performances, especially for hardness, the fracture toughness and flexural strength characters.

Concrete additives for cold weather
In cold weather, concrete can easily freeze before it gains enough strength and sets more slowly, then special additives are needed for placing concrete in cold weather conditions. Our polymers could be used in this special condition as the concrete admixtures to improve the concrete property against code weather.

Concrete additives for waterproofing
Traditional concrete easily absorbs water and others dissolved in it. By adding polyacrylamide polymers, the concrete will have better waterproof properties and our products are safe and environmental when handling.

Cement additives
Due to low water gel, drying, cracking and deformation is usually happen. Superabsorbent polymers is specially designed to control the shrinkage of concrete and improve the moisture content of concrete to be used as cement additives. After adding Superabsorbent, it can absorb dozens of its own weight of water and release slowly, which could prevent concrete cracking and increase the concrete strength. This application could improve concrete's performance of impermeability and properties in cold weather significantly.

Keywords: Polyacrylamide, superabsorbent, concrete admixtures, cement additives

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