Main Uses of Amphoteric Polyacrylamide

Main Uses of Amphoteric Polyacrylamide

Main Uses of Amphoteric Polyacrylamide

1. Profile control and water shutoff agent of amphoteric polyacrylamide

After oil field tests, the performance of this amphoteric polyacrylamide profile control and water shutoff agent is higher than that of other profile control and water shutoff agents with single ion characteristics.


2. The latest amphoteric polyacrylamide water treatment agent

In many occasions when sewage and wastewater should be treated, the performance of amphoteric polyacrylamide in reducing surface tension is far greater than that of cations or anions which exist alone under the same conditions. In order to meet the requirements of reducing surface tension, polyacrylamide anionic and cationic pam should be used at the same time, but if the two are used improperly, white precipitates will be produced and the effect will be lost. The amphoteric polyacrylamide has zwitterionic characteristics. It can achieve the coordination and synergy of anions and cations without any precipitation, especially for cases such as water quality conditions are complicated or the nature of water changes frequently. Use amphoteric polyacrylamide as the flocculant is more convenient and effective.

3. Sludge dewatering agent of amphoteric polyacrylamide

As the nature of urban sewage discharge is becoming more and more complex, the requirements for sludge dewatering agent in sewage treatment are getting higher. The single cationic pam is not suitable for some sludge dewatering, so in response to this situation, amphoteric polyacrylamide, a zwitterionic sludge dewatering agent, has been developed. After dewatering tests and using it on various sludges, it has been confirmed that its performance is better than that of polyacrylamide with single ion characteristics. In particular, the use of amphoteric polyacrylamide for sludge dewatering in the sludge of oil refineries and chemical plants is more effective.

4. Amphoteric polyacrylamide in the paper industry

As a papermaking chemical, amphoteric polyacrylamide can achieve the effect that is far beyond that of PAM with a single characteristic. Especially in terms of retention and drainage, it can increase the speed of water filtration under the screen, reduce the loss of fiber filler, and have a better effect on the wet end system. The smoothness, strength and two-sided difference of the finished paper can be promoted and compensated with it.

Generally, amphoteric polyacrylamide is widely used in municipal sewage treatment plants, breweries, food plants, tanneries, paper mills, petrochemical plants, oil fields, metallurgy, chemical industry, cosmetics and other sludge dewatering fields.


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