What is the difference between the six c···

What is the difference between the six colors of polyaluminum chloride?

What is the difference between the six colors of polyaluminum chloride?

The polyaluminum chloride sold in the market is more complicated, because each manufacturer has different production processes and raw materials, and the colors produced are also somewhat different. Generally, there are six colors of white, light yellow, golden yellow, brown, dark-brown, and coffee. Generally, different colors have different uses.

Differences of six kinds of polyaluminum chloride.

- 1, White polyaluminum chloride
A newly developed new type of water purification material, which is specialized in food, drinking water, urban water supply, water purification for precision manufacturing, paper industry, medicine, sugar refinement, cosmetic additives, daily chemical industry, etc. It has a very wide range of applications , The purity is very high, and the price is high.

- 2, Light yellow polyaluminum chloride
The medium-to-high series products second only to white polyaluminum chloride are mainly used for drinking water treatment. Their color is similar to that of millet, and the content of heavy metals is relatively strict, especially the drinking water-grade polyaluminum chloride products we produce. The water treated with it is clarified without precipitation, the content of AL2O3 is about 30 (±0.5), the powder is fine, the particles are uniform, the flocculation effect is good, the purification is efficient and stable, the dosage is small, and the cost is low. It is a dedicated flocculant that applied for the long-term cooperated and major tapwater plants.

- 3. Golden yellow polyaluminum chloride
It is the most widely used polyaluminum chloride on the market. The content of AL2O3 is about 28% (±0.5). It is a high-efficiency flocculant used in sewage treatment and has good flocculation effect. Therefore, whether it is industrial water supply, industrial wastewater, industrial water recycling or urban sewage Treatment, it is a good choice.

- 4, Brown, dark-brown, coffee color polyaluminum chloride
Those products produced in response to the special requirements for water treatment. The iron content is higher than other polyaluminum chloride series, so the color is darker than golden yellow. It is high effective for low temperature, low turbidity, high algae sewage, and is mainly used for the treatment of drinking water, urban water supply, industrial water supply purification, etc.


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