What is the Definition of Polyamine

What is the Definition of Polyamine

What is the Definition of Polyamine

Definition of polyamine
a compound characterized by more than one amino group.

First Known Use of polyamine
In 1861

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CAS NO.39660-17-8,42751-79-1

Polyamine is a low molecular weight, very high charge density cationic polyamine. It is supplied as a clear to opaque liquid, low viscosity aqueous solution. It is a cationic polymer that performs well in the pH range 2.5 to 12.0.

Polyamine is an organic polymer that is very effective in coagulating colloidal dispersions. It is especially effective as a deposit control agent when applied to pulp, stock, wires, or felts. It is also effective in removing organics and color from recirculating or effluent streams in pulp and paper mills. However, the most cost effective product should be selected based on a performance evaluation using the particular feed or stream intended for treatment. It may be fed neat or diluted in-line into the point of treatment.

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