What is Polyquaternium (Polyquats)?

What is Polyquaternium (Polyquats)?

What is Polyquaternium (Polyquats)?

What is Polyquaternium?

Polyquaternium refers to any polymer that has been modified by a process called quaternization. This process results in changes to molecules that improve the performance of body care products. Polyquaternium may also be referred to as quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) or simply quats.

Polyquats are man-made ingredients whose conditioning properties allow for multiple benefits. They create a film over the damaged parts of hair fibers to protect against external aggressors, and to improve the quality of the hair surface. Polyquaternium-10 is a high-performing multitasker used to fight frizz, improve hair manageability, and provide defined and bouncy curls.

Polyquaternium is the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients designation for several polycationic polymersthat are used in the personal care industry. Polyquaternium is a neologism used to emphasize the presence of quaternary ammonium centers in the polymer. INCI has approved at least 37 different polymers under the polyquaternium designation. Different polymers are distinguished by the numerical value that follows the word “polyquaternium”. Polyquaternium-5, polyquaternium-7, and polyquaternium-47 are three examples, each a chemically different type of polymer. The numbers are assigned in the order in which they are registered rather than because of their chemical structure.

Polyquaterniums find particular application in conditioners, shampoo, hair mousse, hair spray, hair dye, personal lubricant, and contact lens solutions. Because they are positively charged, they neutralize the negative charges of most shampoos and hair proteins and help hair lie flat. Their positive charges also ionically bond them to hair and skin. Some have antimicrobial properties.

As we know, polyquaternium series product numbers from Polyquat 1 - Polyquat 47, even polyquaternium-69 is present to the market.

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