What is Flocculant Blocks?

What is Flocculant Blocks?

What is Flocculant Blocks?

Flocculant Blocks, It is in the form of a solid block (flocc-block), which have been specially developed to slowly dissolve directly into the effluent flow in question and flocculate the associated suspended solids. Applications are generally remote sites without any mains services available to install normal flocculant dosing systems.

Angchao Tech manufacture a range of flocculant blocks which very effectively treat various types of effluents arising from the following:

Wheel wash systems
Open cast mining operations
Quarrying operations
Site run-off from stock yards and docks
Small industrial facilities
Drainage from construction sites
Moorland run-off containing high colour & colloidal matter
Stone cutting operations

To set up a treatment system simply place the flocc-blocks either directly in the effluent stream to be treated or suspend in a wire mesh basket under an outfall if the effluent has been concentrated into a pipe-work system. This point should be in a situation of maximum turbulence so that the effluent flow rate releases the flocculant from the flocc-block and is mixed together to allow good flocculation of the substrate. Following this turbulent point should be either a settlement point of low turbulence, such as a settlement pond or lagoon or further pipe-work to gently transport the flocculated effluent to another area for settlement.

The usage of flocc-blocks is very site and substrate specific and is simply calculated by effectiveness by trial and error. Add the blocks until the required result is achieved then maintain that volume of product as the blocks slowly reduce in size. At 50 & 60% active flocculant, the ANGCHAO's range of flocc-blocks are highly effective and long lasting. Distributors and resellers are currently being sought worldwide.

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