Water Insoluble Polymer Used in Diapers

Water Insoluble Polymer Used in Diapers

Water Insoluble Polymer Used in Diapers

With the continuous development of science and technology, the appearance of diapers, sanitary pads and other products has provided more advanced health protection. In the beginning, diapers only can prevent leakage and absorb urine, but now it not only can prevent leakage and ventilate but also can absorb urine and prevent bacteria. So, it is favored by mothers. How to lock the moisture in the diapers? Because SAP (superabsorbent) is a kind of macromolecule compound. Diapers SAP absorbent material is a kind of macromolecule compound. When SAP suck more hundreds to thousands of times of water as its own weight, water won't be leak out, and it has a strong water retention ability, so it is also known as super absorbent polymer or water retaining agent.

Superabsorbent polymers (known as SAP) are water insoluble polymer, cross - linked copolymer of acrylic acid. In contact with water, by capillary action and diffusion, the water molecules penetrate into the resin and the ionization group of the chain is ionized in the water.

Because of the electrostatic repulsion between the ions in the chain, the polymer chain stretches. Due to the requirement of electrical neutrality, the negative ions cannot be transferred to the outside of the resin, and the concentration difference between the internal and external solutions of the resin forms the reverse osmotic pressure.

Under the action of reverse osmotic pressure, water is further entered into the resin to form hydrogels. At the same time, the crosslinked structure and hydrogen bond of the resin itself limit the infinite expansion of the hydrogels.

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