The Usages of PolyDADMAC - Flocculant

The Usages of PolyDADMAC - Flocculant

The Usages of PolyDADMAC - Flocculant

- PolyDADMAC can be used in dyeing and finishing auxiliaries as advanced formaldehyde-free color-fixing agent, and can form film in the fabric and improve color fastness.

- PolyDADMAC can be used in papermaking, coating and antistatic agent, AKD sizing promoter and retention and drainage agent.

- PolyDADMAC also can be used in decolor, flocculate in water treatment (drinking and waste water).

- In daily chemical, PolyDADMAC can be use as shampoo carding agent, wetting agent and antistatic agent.

- In the oil field chemicals, the PolyDADMAC can be used in clay stabilizer, acid fracturing cation additive etc.

When used alone, PolyDADMAC should be diluted to the concentration of 0.5%-0.05% (based on solid content). When PolyDADMAC be used to treat different source water or waste water, the dosage is based on the turbidity and the concentration of the water. The most economical dosage is based on the trial. The dosing spot and the mixing velocity should be carefully decided to guarantee that the chemical can be mixed evenly with the other chemicals in the water and the flocs can not be broken. It is better to dose the product continuously.

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