The Applications of PAC Coagulant

The Applications of PAC Coagulant

The Applications of PAC Coagulant

Poly Aluminium Chloride Applications & Uses
Used in water treatment. With the properties of adsorption, aggregation and precipitation, Poly aluminum chloride can be used as coagulant in sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, circulating water treatment, etc.

Used in papermaking industry. In addition to the use for sewage and clean water treatment, its main function is to be used as rosin neutral sizing precipitant and retention aid, filter aid, also used to control well-known obstacles and as a catching agent for anionic impurities.

Used in textile printing and dyeing industry. The wastewater produced by the textile printing and dyeing industry has the characteristics of larger water volume, deep color and high content of organic pollutants, which is one of the more difficult to treat wastewater in industrial wastewater. The addition of polyaluminum chloride can form dense and large alum blooms in the wastewater treatment process. In addition, the sedimentation speed is fast, and the treatment effect is obvious. PAC chemical can also be used for the anti-wrinkle function of cloth.

Used in the mining industry. Mainly used for ore flotation, which can act on mineral separation. It can separate water from gangue, which is convenient for water reuse.

Used in petroleum mining industry. It is the main material used for wastewater treatment in petroleum exploration. The role in petroleum exploration is as oil-displacing agent, water shutoff regulator, drilling fluid regulator, and fracturing fluid additive.

Used in agriculture. The soil surface of soil crust has the properties of high density, small pores, low saturation and hydraulic conductivity, which can hinder the infiltration of soil water, increase surface runoff and hinder seed germination. The role of polyaluminium chloride is to increase the soil moisture content, inhibit the formation of soil crusts, as well as increase water infiltration.

Used in aquaculture. The addition of PAC coagulant can precipitate and remove a large amount of organic matter in the water body.

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