Tetrahydrofuran - Cas No 109-99-9

Tetrahydrofuran - Cas No 109-99-9

Tetrahydrofuran - Cas No 109-99-9

Product Name: Tetrahydrofuran
CAS No.:109-99-9
EINECS No.:203-726-8
Molecular Formula:C4H8O
Molecular Weight:72.11 g·mol−1
Flash Point:−14 °C (7 °F)
Peroxide (H2O2, %):≤0.01
Color APHA:≤5
Purity (%):≥99.9
Moisture (%):≤0.01
Appearance:Colorless and clear liquid

Tetrahydrofuran(THF) is a colorless and transparent volatile liquid, similar to the smell of ether. soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, most organic solvents. Combustible In the air can generate explosive peroxide.

Usage and Applications
1.Used in synthesis of PTMEG.
2.Used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates

It can be used as the solvent and the raw material of organic synthesis. It can also be used as the chromatography analysis reagents, organic solvents and the intermediate of nylon 66. THF is an important raw material for organic synthesis as well as a solvent with excellent performance, which is especially suitable for dissolution of PVC, polyvinylidene chloride and butyl aniline.Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is used in SM-DLLME and it serves as an initiates spontaneous assembling of ionic or nonionic surfactants.

Normally packed in plastic drum, with volume 1~25 liter. Or as per requirements.

Store in a tightly closed container, under a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from fire and/or heat sources.

Stored separately from oxidants, acids, and alkaline substances, avoiding mixed storage.

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