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Polydadmac Coagulantion Water Treatment supplier

Polydadmac Coagulantion Water Treatment supplier

Polydadmac Coagulantion Water Treatment supplier

polyDADMAC is liquid, cationic coagulants with different solid contents and viscosities and suitable a wide range of PH. Our products could be used in filtration applications or in combination with our other flocculants products for wastewater treatment of turbid river and tap water and also could be used in wastewater treatment (drinking and wastewater), textiles, cosmetics, mining (coal, gold, diamonds etc.), papermaking, and soil treatment and oil industries. The product is widely used in the drinking and wastewater treatment, especially for that high-level-grimed water.

Our products could work effectively in many coagulation water treatment separation processes, and could be used alone or in combination with other flocculants and coagulants with good coagulation and flocculation performance.

PolyDADMAC Coagulant Benefits
Immediate soluble in all concentrations
Suitable for a wide range of water treatment applications

Except for polyDADMAC water treatment, PolyDADMAC could be used as a cationic coagulant in mining and mineral processing, and be used as a formaldehyde free fixing agent in the textile industry, and be used as the anionic trash catcher in the papermaking process and be used as a modifier for cationic fracturing acidizing clay stabilizer in oil industry.

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