Polyacrylic acid uses in daily life

Polyacrylic acid uses in daily life

Polyacrylic acid uses in daily life

Sodium polyacrylate (water-absorbent polymer) is a new type of functional polymer material widely developed and researched at home and abroad in recent years. It is a kind of strong hydrophilic polymer compound with a loose network structure and low cross-linking degree. Water absorption and water retention performance, non-toxic and odorless, widely used in medical and health, petrochemical and soil water retention.

Below is a table containing categories and lists of some products and applications that Polyacrylic acid uses in daily life:

Health Care 
Paper/disposable diaper (baby, child, and adult)
Sanitary napkin
Nursing mat
Medical bandage
Wound dressings

Pet pad
Horse urine odor absorbing
Drown-free water source for feeder insects

Waste liquid control
Drilling fluid
Concrete protection

Anti-flood Bag
Excreta collection

Other Products
Wire and cable water blocking
Artificial snow
hot/cold gel pack
Urine bag
Growing toys
Thickening agent
Fragrance carrier
Fire-retardant gel
Anti-fogging packing material

Above is not comprehensive and does not contain all of the possible or potential applications for using sodium polyacrylate.

All in all, using a water absorbent polymer is a good thing. They’re non toxic and safe, and they help to keep our environment clean and less landfill.



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