Polyacrylamide on the field of papermaki···

Polyacrylamide on the field of papermaking

Polyacrylamide on the field of papermaking

Polyacrylamide also has the functions of glidant, filter aid, and leveling agent in the papermaking field to improve the quality of paper, improve the dewatering performance of the slurry, the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, and reduce the consumption of raw materials and the environmental Pollution. Use dispersants to improve the uniformity of the paper to ensure quality. Polyacrylamide is mainly used in the paper industry to increase the retention rate of fillers and pigments to reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution, and to improve the quality and usability of paper. Adding polyacrylamide to the papermaking material can improve the adhesion of fine fibers and filler particles, accelerate the dehydration of the paper material, the formation of flocs, and also make the water in the slurry easier to filter out, reducing the loss of fibers in the white water. It can reduce environmental pollution and improve the efficiency of filtration and sedimentation equipment.
The role of polyacrylamide in other industries. In the food industry, polyacrylamide can be used for cane juice clarification and syrup phosphorous float extraction in the production of cane sugar and beet sugar. Enzyme fermentation broth flocculation and clarification industry. It is also used for the recovery of feed protein, with stable quality and good performance. The recovered protein powder can improve the survival rate and weight gain of chickens, so that there is no adverse effect on egg production. Synthetic resin coatings, civil construction grouting materials, water blocking, building materials industry, and improving cement Quality, construction industry adhesives, joint repair and water plugging agents, soil improvement, electroplating industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc.

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