Polyacrylamide Used as Setting Flocculan···

Polyacrylamide Used as Setting Flocculants for The Red Mud of Alumina

Polyacrylamide Used as Setting Flocculants for The Red Mud of Alumina

The settlement and separation of red mud is an extremely complex physical and chemical process. Bayer method dissolution of pulp from the red mud is red mud and the formation of sodium aluminates solution suspension. Since there are complex physical and chemical effects exist between the red mud particles and between the red mud particle and the solution, the phase composition or red mud, grain fineness distribution, surface morphology of red mud particle and solid content of red mud liquid, liquid ingredients, red mud fluid temperature and so on have significant defects on the processing of settlement and separation of red mud.

If the flocculating agent is properly selected, the application of flocculants technology can make solid-liquid separation speed improved greatly, and reduce the size of the equipment. The mechanism of the polymer flocculants is that the effective flocculation between particles through absorption and bridge, surface absorption and charge neutralization can form a “big particle”, making the settling speed greatly. Different digesting liquor has settling property, in order to realize the best performance, it’s crucial to select the appropriate polymer flocculants according to the test results.

Advantages of the polyacrylamide for red mud settlement:

Powerful, fast and stable flocculation;

Small and tight floccules, good shear resistance;

Effectively reduce seston in acid aluminum and improve the capacity of settling tank;

Improve clarity and the quality of the overflow;

Keep underflow at low solid ration;

Prevent red mud inflation;

Good tolerance for temperature and PH

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