PolyDADMAC beads ACBP 01

PolyDADMAC beads ACBP 01

PolyDADMAC beads ACBP 01

PolyDADMAC (DADMAC polymer) is mainly sorted in solid and liquid two types.

Solid products have flake powder form and beads form.

CAS No. 26062-79-3
Molecular Formula:(C8H16NCl)n

The product is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte, it ranges in color from white to light yellow and the shapes are solid beads or flakes powder. The product is soluble in water, nonflammable, safe, non-toxic, high cohesive force and good hydrolytic stability. It’s not sensitive to pH change, and it has a resistance to chlorine. The bulk density is about 0.72 g/cm3, the decomposition temperature is 280-300℃.

CodeItem Appearance; Solid content (%); Rotary viscosity(10% solution)
ACBP 01 White beads ≥88 >200cps
ACBP 02 White beads ≥88 ≤200cps
ACFP 01 White powder ≥88 As required
ACFP 02 Light yellow powder ≥88 30-100cps

1) Cationic flocculent in wastewater treatment, mining and mineral processing process.
2) Formaldehyde-free fixing agent in textile industry.
3) Anionic trash catcher, Cationic polymer emulsifier, and AKD sizing promoter in papermaking.
4) Clay stabilizer in drilling, Acidification fracturing cation modifier in water injection, Oil water separator, in oil field industry.
5) Conditioning agent, Antistatic agent, Humidifying agent, Shampoo and Skin emollients, etc.

20Kg or 25Kg per Kraft bag
Storage and Transportation:
Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool, dark and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.
The term of validity: One year.
Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


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