PAAS, SAP Thickening Agents

PAAS, SAP Thickening Agents

PAAS, SAP Thickening Agents

The product Acrylic acid polymer - PAAS is often called Super Absorbent Polymer SAP, it is a new functional polymer absorbent material. It has super hydrophilic free radicals and unique molecular structure, can absorb water in a short time and maintain hundreds or even 1,000 times water over its dead-weight, or dozens of times physiological saline. It is famous for its strong water absorption and retention.


It swells with water, but not soluble in water,  stable under normal conditions.

It can absorb moisture in wet conditions and release moisture slowly in dry conditions.

In oilfield, used as drilling, work-over and completion fluids additive for the control of lost circulation.

In daily hygiene products, diapers, sanitary napkins, nursing pad, etc.

In agriculture, crop planting, seeding, landscaping.

Used for ice pack and food pad, artificial snow as well.

Thickening Agents
Since sodium polyacrylate can absorb and retain water molecules, it is used often in diapers, hair gels, and soaps. Sodium polyacrylate is considered a thickening agent because it increases the viscosity of water-based compounds. In diapers, sodium polyacrylate absorbs water found in urine in order to increase the capacity to store liquid and to reduce rashes.


20 kg woven bags, 750 kg bulk bags, or as requested.


Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from rain and moisture.

The product can absorb moisture in the air and caking.

Shelf life:12 months

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