Is Xanthan Gum healthy?

Is Xanthan Gum healthy?

Is Xanthan Gum healthy?

Safety concerns
According to a 2017 safety review by a scientific panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), xanthan gum (European food additive number E 415) is extensively digested during intestinal fermentation, and causes no adverse effects, even at high intake amounts. The EFSA panel found no concern about genotoxicity from long-term consumption. The EFSA concluded that there is no safety concern for the general population when xanthan gum is consumed as a food additive.

In the oil industry,Liquid Xanthan Gum doesn't has safety problems, as it is a versatile product and can be used in most types of water-based fluids for rheology modification, hole cleaning and solids suspension. It provides excellent friction reduction for coiled tubing operations. It is useful over a wide range pH range. Xanthan gum was the first truly stable thickener for hydroscopic acid used in the oilfield. The Liquid Xanthan Gum suspension is uniquely stable, easily handled and useful in both oilfield and non-oilfield applications.Liquid Xanthan Gum is non-polluting and safe to handle.

In cosmetics, xanthan gum is used to prepare water gels. It is also used in oil-in-water emulsions to enhance droplet coalescence. Xanthan gum is under preliminary research for its potential uses in tissue engineering to construct hydrogels and scaffolds supporting three-dimensional tissue formation.

In most foods it is used at concentrations of 0.5% or less.Xanthan gum is a popular additive for thickening, suspending and stabilizing. It's found in many foods and products, and appears to be safe for most people. It may even have health benefits when consumed in larger amounts, though these higher intake levels can also increase the risk of digestive problems.

Xanthan gum acts as an emulsifier, thickening agent, and stabilizing agent in food products. This functionality makes it a valuable ingredient for manufacturers that are looking to avoid common allergens like eggs and wheat.



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