Industrial Grade PAC

Industrial Grade PAC

Industrial Grade PAC


Industrial Grade PAC

Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride is made of hydrochloric acid, calcium aluminate powder, and bauxite through high temperature and high-pressure polymerization. Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride is extensively used as an industrial coagulant and flocculant in different industries, it can flocculate suspended matter, acid-base, organic matter, COD, and other harmful substances, and has a good effect on many kinds of industrial wastewater.


Product Features:

1.Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride has a large molecular structure, strong adsorption capacity, less consumption, and low treatment cost.

2.Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride has good solubility, high activity, large alum formed by coagulation in a water body, fast sedimentation, good flocculation effect, 2-3 times higher purification capacity than other inorganic flocculants.

3.Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride has strong adaptability, less affected by the pH value and temperature of the water body, the raw water can reach the national drinking water standard after purification, and the content of cation and anion in the treated water is low, which is conducive to the ion exchange treatment and the preparation of high purity water.

4.Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride can improve the labor intensity and working conditions of the dosing process.

5.Good coagulation effect can be achieved for the raw water with serious pollution or low turbidity, high turbidity, and high chroma.


Application And After-Sales Service:

1.Purification of industrial water, industrial wastewater, mine, oilfield reinjection water, purification of water, metallurgy, coal washing, leather, and various chemical wastewater treatment. 

2. Industrial production application; The wastewater of paper sizing, dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, cement accelerator, investment casting hardener, refractory adhesive, glycerin refining, fabric crease proofing, medicine, and other industries can be recycled.

3.In the oil refining industry, it is used for oil-water separation, and the effect is very good.

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