How does Polyquats work hair?

How does Polyquats work hair?

How does Polyquats work hair?

Since Polyquats they are positively charged, they neutralize the negative charges of most shampoos, relaxers, hair proteins etc. helping the hair to lay flat. Their positive charge, ionically bond to the hair. It is particularly useful to use cationic polymers on hair exposed to high alkalinity relaxers to decrease damage to hair. They attach to the hair and provide conditioning benefits such as ease of combing, hair alignment, elasticity and shine. Polyquaternium also helps to reduce flyaways & static.

- Surfactant in Shampoo
short in length-Easily washed off
Negative Charge-Good for washing but lifts the cuticle slightly
Shampoo surfactant causes micelles from away oil and dirt from hair. A slight negative charge (-)is left which lifts the cuticle slightly.

- Surfactant in conditioner
Long in length - Easily deposited
Positive charge - Corrects the negative charge from shampooing and helps the smooth the cuticle
Conditioner Surfactant is larger therefore resists being washed away unlike shampoo. The positive charge(+) left behind by shampoo smoothing down the cuticle.

What does Polyquaternium 7 do for hair?
Polyquaternium-7 prevents or inhibits the buildup of static electricity and dries to form a thin coating that is absorbed onto the hair shaft. Polyquaternium-7 also helps hair hold its style by inhibiting the hair's ability to absorb moisture.

Is Polyquaternium bad for your hair?
Curly-haired people may not like to use polyquats and specifically polyquaternium-7 because of its film-forming ability. This can lead to build-up that weighs down curls and makes them frizzy.


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