Functions of Polyquaternium conditioners···

Functions of Polyquaternium conditioners?

Functions of Polyquaternium conditioners?

Polyquaternium-4 is one of the Polyquats(But not the only one Quats, for example Polyquats- etc.) that applied on personal care, RECOMMENDED ADDITION 0.5 to 1% Polyquaternium-4 provides excellent combability, holding, gloss and antistat properties. This cellulosic polymer substantive to skin and hair and exhibits outstanding properties in hair care products. It is a tan powder that is water-soluble.

A product is considered to be a conditioner if it improves the quality of the surface to which it is applied, particularly if this improvement involves the correction or prevention of certain aspects associated with surface damage. Conditioning of the hair and skin must be a continuous process, as both substrates are in a constant cycle of shedding and renewal. The main difference between hair and skin is that skin is basically a living organ that replaces its outermost layer on a frequent basis. Hair, in contrast, is basically dead material derived from a few live cells deep within the skin surface.

Modern conditioners are designed to provide one or more of the following functions:
• provide ease of wet and dry combing
• smooth, seal and realign damaged areas of the hair shaft
• minimize porosity
• impart sheen and a silken feel to the hair
• provide some protection against thermal and mechanical damage
• moisturize
• add volume and body
• eliminate static electricity

Is Polyquaternium bad for your hair?
Curly-haired people may not like to use polyquats and specifically polyquaternium-7 because of its film-forming ability. This can lead to build-up that weighs down curls and makes them frizzy.

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