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What Factors can Affect the Performance of Friction Reducer?

What Factors can Affect the Performance of Friction Reducer?

With the large-scale development of shale gas reservoir, the fracturing in using slickwater system needs high efficiency friction reducer products, and the ideal friction reducer should have low friction, instant solution and a certain degree of salt tolerance. The addition of friction reducer can reduce the viscosity and the whirlpool formation of the slickwater fracturing fluid in wellbore shear flow, and reduce the resistance in the process of fracturing fluid flow. Then in the practical application, what are the factors that affect the performance of friction reducer?

Relevant research results show that the molecular structure, molecular weight and ionic nature of the friction reducer are main factors that affect its performance. Long chain structure friction reducers with low molecular weight, long chain structure friction reducers with branched chains as well as friction reducers with pre-pliancy function and helical molecular chain structure have more stable drag reduction effectiveness.

The concentration of the friction reducer will also affect its performance, so the appropriate concentration needs to be tested in the actual experiments. The performance of friction reducer produced by different manufacturers is different due to the difference in the synthesis process and formula of the products. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the optimal dosage through experiment.

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