Formaldehyde-Free Color-Fixing Agent

Formaldehyde-Free Color-Fixing Agent

Formaldehyde-Free Color-Fixing Agent

This product gathers electrolyte for the strong cation, appearance is colorless to light yellow viscose liquid, freezing point:-2.8℃,specific weight:1.04 g/cm3, resolve temperature 280-300℃. Be dissolved in water easily, not easy to combust, strong coagulate dint, good water solution stability, don't become gel and keep stable in the wide PH range, anti-chlorine, high charge density. It has compatibility relation with non-ionic and cationic surfactants. Furthermore, it is formaldehyde-free with good color-fixing ability, can improve color fastness and brighten fabric luster.

Formaldehyde-Free Color-Fixing Agent is mainly used as the color-fixing agent of reactive dyes and direct dyes as well as printed fabric. It can improve the fabric wet fastness and weather fastness.

Please first have a small test to confirm the correct method and dosage.

Reference method and dose:

Attracts method:
Adjust the PH value to 4-5, processed in 55-60℃ with 15min,
Light color: To dry by 0.3-0.5%(O.W.F)
Medium color: To dry by 0.5-1.0%(O.W.F)
Dark color: To dry by 1.0-2.0%(O.W.F)

impregnation method:
Light color 2.5-5.0 g/L
Medium color 5.0-10 g/L
Dark color 10-20 g/L

[Package & Storage]
Packed in PE Drum.

Tightly sealed, store in a cool and dry condition, avoid contacting strong oxidants, keep away from open fire.

The term of validity: Two years.

Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.

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