Fluorescent Brightener manufacturer in C···

Fluorescent Brightener manufacturer in China

Fluorescent Brightener manufacturer in China

Optical brightening agents (OBAs), also known as fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs), are chemical compounds that give whitening effect to fabric. They do this by absorbing light in the ultraviolet and violet regionand re-emit the light in the blue region. This blue light reduces the yellow colour of the substrate and give a brightened look. Unlike bleaching, it doesn’t leave ayellowish tinge and gives a much pleasing whiter-than-white appearance. Such a property sets optical brightening agents apart and makes it a much coveted thing in industries such as Textiles, Plastics, Paper, and Cosmetics.

Molecular Formula:C28H20O6S2Na2
CAS NO.: 27344-41-8
Molecular Weight: 562.56
Technical Index:Appearance: Free-flowing and brightly Green-yellow particle or powder
Odour: Odour free
Solubility(in water): 25g/l (25°C), 100g/l   (70°C), 300g/l (95°C)
Max wavelength of ultraviolet absorption,nm: 349±1
1% E-value: 1105~1181


1. High whitening strength. It is extremely resistant to chlorine bleaching, oxygen  bleaching and strong acid and alkali and has the excellent perspiration fastness.

2. High fluorescent intensity. Ensures a high whiteness of washing powder and soap with low addition amount.

3. It has high solubility in the low temperature, so it is applicable to liquid detergents.

4. Outstanding stability and whitening effect in the hyper concentration liquid detergents and heavy dirt detergents.

5. The textile will not turn yellow or green but brighter by repeatedly washing.

6. Have high efficient whiting effect to fibers in the cold and warm water to make them white within a short time.

7. Outstanding washing fastness and dry-and-wet color fastness to sunlight. Great dying performance and biodegradability.

8. Low toxic performance confirms it will be very safe for human body when its operation.


Fluorescent Brightener AC-351 can be added at any step in the procedure of manufacturing compound detergents, scented soaps and ordinary soaps, or dissolve into any component.

Recommended Dosage:

0.01~0.20% (% , W/W Detergent)

Hard carboard cartons lined with plastic bags for 25 Kgs.

Big packaging bags for 500Kgs.

Storage and Shelf life:
Store in a cool, dry and shady place for expiry date as 12 months.

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