Dispersant Agent

Dispersant Agent

Dispersant Agent

Dispersant Agent

We dedicated to help our customers to optimize costs and machine efficiency, to improve the appearance and performance of printed paper and board. We committed to providing the products that are environmentally and economically by increasing the flow-ability and water savings while reducing overall costs.

The dispersant agent could help the solid material dispersed in a liquid easily and stably. Our products could deflocculate solids and thus significantly reduce the viscosity of dispersion and the solid loading could be increased accordingly. Its with shorter dissolving time, has been widely used in the papermaking of tissues, household papers writing papers and napkins.

The dispersant agent characters:

1. Short dissolving time

2. Evenly disperses pulp fiber with good forming effects

3. Enhance dry-wet degree and tension.


Keywords: Paper Retention Aid, Sludge Dewatering, Dispersant Agent, papermaking treatment chemical


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