Diallylamine, Chemical Intermediate,CAS ···

Diallylamine, Chemical Intermediate,CAS 124-02-7

Diallylamine, Chemical Intermediate,CAS 124-02-7

[CAS NO.] 124-02-7
[Molecular formula] C6H11N

Its appearance is colorless and transparent liquid, combustible. Melting point: -88.4℃, boiling point: 107-111℃, flash point: 7℃, refractive index (20℃): 1.440.

Diallylamine appears as a liquid with a disagreeable odor. Less dense than water. May be toxic by inhalation and skin absorption. Irritates skin and eyes.

Diallylamine is used in the preparation of cross-linking non-aldehyde fixative agents (diallyl amine copolymerization with dimethylene-diallyl ammonium chloride), cross-linking agents, pharmaceutical intermediates, and intermediates of agricultural chemicals, dyes and coatings, organic synthesis and resin modifier.

Diallylamine can also be used to prepare amphoteric polymer.

Package & Storage
Packed in PE Drum.
Tightly sealed, store in a cool and dry condition, avoid contacting strong oxidants, keep away from open fire.

The term of validity: Three years.

Transportation: Dangerous goods.

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