DADMAC polymer

DADMAC polymer

DADMAC polymer

Polydiallydimethylammonium chloride (shortened PolyDADMAC or PolyDDA) is a homopolymer of diallydimethylammonium choride (DADMAC).
The molecular weight of polyDADMAC is typically in the range of hundreds of thousands of grams per mole, and event up to a million for some products. polyDADMAC is usually delivered as a liquid concentrate having a solids level in the range of 10 to 50%. It is a high charge density cationicpolymer.

The charge density makes it well suited for flocculation.


The polymer body contains strong cationic group radical and activated-adsorbent group radical which can destabilize and flocculate the suspended solids and the negative-charged water soluble matters in the waste water through electro-neutralization and bridging adsorption.
It is very effective in flocculating, decolouring, killing algae and removing organics It is use in latex waste clarification , oil-water seperation, iron congulation. The product enjoys small dosage but can cause big flocs, rapid precipitation and low turbidity residue, and it can also produce small amount of sludge. It is adaptable to wide range of pH value, between 0.5 and 1.4.
It can be widely used to treat source water and sewage water.

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