DADMAC Polymer forms

DADMAC Polymer forms

DADMAC Polymer forms

PolyDADMAC is produced to different forms of final products, as Polydadmac powder, Polydadmac flakes, Polydadmac beads form, Polydadmac liquid,with various of molecular weight and viscosity, widely used in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, texitiles, cosmetics, minig (coal, gold, iron etc.),paper making, petroleum exploitation.

PolyDADMAC based cationic polymer having most of its applications in textile, printing, paper making, mining, ink and sugar industry.
It is also used as a BOD/ COD reducer and as a color removal for high-color waste water from dyestuff industry.

This chemical is scientifically formulated for use in wastewater treatment and sludge de-watering applications.
PolyDADMAC can be used as a replacement to inorganic coagulants.
It also helps reduce the required doses of basic reagents used in the coagulation process including sodium hydroxide, lime, etc.
It is also effective in precipitating anionic surfactants, minimizing the production of sludge, which helps improve the subsequent sludge de-watering stages and results in the improved effluent output.
It is highly effective when used for the secondary decantation of biological sludge coming from aerobic and anaerobic digesters.
It enhances rapid sludge settling and is sympathetic to the existing biological flora. It is effective across a wide range of pH without modification.

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