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Concentration of polyaluminium chloride solution

Concentration of polyaluminium chloride solution

Users who have used polyaluminium chloride know that it is a yellowish brown powder solid. When it is applied to sewage treatment, the powder should be dissolved into a solution and treated by dosing pump. What is the appropriate concentration of the solution? Because some say that hydrolysis will occur when the concentration is lower than 3%, it can not play the role of flocculation.

Firstly, the alumina content of polyaluminium chloride is generally 28% in the national standard. Aluminum hydrolysis means that aluminum ion hydrolysis ionizes. As aluminum is an amphoteric hydroxide, double hydrolysis will occur. When the concentration of polyaluminium chloride solution is less than 3%, the effective content components become less and the ionization speed of aluminum is high, resulting in the failure of coagulation mechanism. If the concentration of solution is increased, The coagulation mechanism occurs when the ionization velocity is reduced, that is, the principle of ionization equilibrium.

For the initial use of polyaluminium chloride, the solid product can be dissolved into 10% liquid with water, or the concentration and dosage can be determined by testing according to the characteristics of sewage. In addition, it is suggested that polyaluminum chloride can be used in combination with polyacrylamide for sewage treatment, and the effect will be better. Polyaluminum chloride is added separately, followed by polyacrylamide.

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