Colors of PAC powder and liquid

Colors of PAC powder and liquid

Colors of PAC powder and liquid

Informations about PAC polyaluminium chloride (Colors, concentration and dosage when using)

Morphological classification of polyaluminium chloride:

In form, it can be divided into solid and liquid. Solids can be divided into brown, golden yellow,off-white and white according to different colors. Liquids can be colorless, transparent, yellowish, light yellow to yellowish brown. Polyaluminium chloride with different colors also has great differences in application and production technology. Polyaluminium chloride is used in sewage treatment. It is mainly a solid matter of yellow or yellowish brown powder. Water treatment has the function of flocculation. It is suitable for water treatment in printing and dyeing plants, paper mills, leather mills, food factories and other industries. It also has the function of phosphorus removal. It can precipitate with phosphate in wastewater. It is suitable for phosphorus removal in domestic sewage plants.

The national standard(China) content of solid polyaluminium chloride is 28%, and the liquid content is 10%. Before using the solid, the solid shall be dissolved to a concentration of 10% (gas stirring or mechanical stirring can be used for dissolution). The dosage can be determined according to the turbidity of the raw water. Generally, when the turbidity of the raw water is 100-500mg / L, 10-20kg shall be added per thousand tons of water, which can be determined according to the small-scale test.

When polyaluminium chloride is used in municipal sewage or industrial sewage, the corresponding dosing concentration and dosage are different. In order to be accurate and improve the treatment efficiency, it is best to test the medicine on site through small-scale test to ensure the dosage and effect.


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