We offers an extensive range of organic coagulants such as polyamine, polyDADMAC and decoloring agent. Our products, being the cationic coagulants, could either be used alone or in combination with aluminium base inorganic coagulants. With our products, the coagulants consumption will be reduced dramatically and the treatment cost and will be decreased. Also the treated sludge volume and general disposal cost will be reduced.

Application Tips

Our polyamine could be used as mixture compatible with polymeric alumimum for coagulation water treatment of turbid river and tap water. Our polyDADMAC could be used in wastewater treatment, textiles, cosmetics, mining, paper making, soil treatment and oil industry. The product is widely used in the drinking and waste water treatment, especially for that high-level-grimed water.

Each application requests different water treatment process to deal with the water, like water quality, substrate variability, water specifications and cost optimization. Moreover, different equipment and different sludge types also the factors need to be considered. We have both emulsion and powder cationic coagulant.

Keywords: Coagulants, Polyamine, PolyDADMAC,Decoloring Agent

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