Advantages Of PAC Water Treatment Chemic···

Advantages Of PAC Water Treatment Chemical

Advantages Of PAC Water Treatment Chemical

PAC water treatment chemical has a wider range of applications and is suitable for more types of water quality. Most industries need to use polyaluminium chloride PAC chemical in the sewage treatment process.

The precipitation rate of PAC chemical is much faster and the precipitation effect is better. When PAC coagulant is used, it only need to be dissolved in a certain proportion and added to water. Then it will quickly react with impurities in the water to form flocculent alum, and then form a precipitate immediately in the role of the flocculant polyacrylamide PAM. With the characteristics of rapid reaction speed, PAC used as coagulant can improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and reduce the water treatment cost.

Dosage is small. The configuration concentration is very low, and under the same water quality conditions, its addition amount is also very small compared with other coagulants.

The method of use is simple. The liquid poly aluminium chloridecan be added to water directly, while poly aluminium chloride powder is easily soluble in water. It can be quickly dissolved after being added to water without consuming a lot of time to dissolve it, which saves a lot of time for the entire processing process.

High security. For sewage treatment, the trace metals and other substances contained in the polyaluminium chloride pacproduced by our company won’t effect the quality of treated water. And poly aluminium chloride 30% is drinking water treatment grade, which has no hazardous substances.

The Applicable PH Range Of Polyaluminum Chloride PAC

It is adapt to a wide PH value of the source water, the applicable PH range is 5-9. That is to say, it can achieve the coagulation effect in the range of PH 5-9, and the best effect is in the PH range of 6.5-7.5. When polyaluminium chloride flocculates, the flocs are large, the flocculation speed is fast, the water and iron residues after treatment are low.

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