Add fluorescent brightener in the laundr···

Add fluorescent brightener in the laundry detergent

Add fluorescent brightener in the laundry detergent

Adding a certain variety of fluorescent brightener to the washing solution can not only improve the appearance of the detergent, but also increase the whiteness or brightness of the washing fabric. Fluorescent brighteners have been used in washing products for more than 100 years.

As we all know, clothes wear for a long time, wash more times will slowly become yellow and old. Then we will think of various ways. The simplest and most direct way is to bleach. Adding bleach is fundamentally white, that is, changing the composition of clothes. And the fluorescent brightener effect of the laundry detergent is also whitening, but as I said earlier, it’s a simple physical change. Adding a certain variety of fluorescent brightener to the washing solution can not only improve the appearance of the detergent, but also increase the whiteness or brightness of the washing fabric. Fluorescent brighteners have been used in washing products for more than 100 years. There is no scientific data to prove that they are harmful to human body. So don't be afraid of being “demonized” by fluorescent brighteners on the Internet.

What is the principle of brightener for fluorescent whitening agent?

Fluorescent brighteners and fluorescent agents are not the same products. First of all, we must separate them. Fluorescent brightener for laundry liquid is specially used in laundry liquid, detergent powder and other washing products, and all the indicators meet international requirements before using. Whitening of fluorescent whitening agents is a physical phenomenon, not a chemical reaction. Fluorescent whiteners for laundry detergents are organic compounds that absorb invisible light from life and convert it into visible blue or blue-purple light. With the original yellow light, we feel very white. Optics is a physical phenomenon without chemical reaction.

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